Ethanol, 200 proof (100%), Tax-Paid, Decon™ Labs Plastic Bottle

Ethanol, 200 proof (100%), Tax-Paid, Decon™ Labs  Plastic Bottle
SKU: 2701TP
Brand: Decon Labs, Inc.
Product Code: 82214954-51
SKU: 2701TP
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Ethanol, 200 proof (100%), Tax-Paid, Decon™ Labs Case of 4 Plastic Bottle (1 gal.)

Application: Used for research, healthcare, industrial, or production applications as a cleaner, solvent or reagent.

Federal Tax is included in the price.  No federal permit required for purchase.
Ethyl Alcohol.

There are some local restrictions on this product which may restrict some deliveries.  Contact Customer Service if you think you are in one of those jurisdictions. 


Boiling point 78.3°C (173°F)
Melting point -114°C (-173°F)
Packaging Plastic bottle
Physical form Liquid
Quantity 4 x 1 gal.
Chemical name or material Ethanol
Name note 200 Proof (100%)
CASRegistryNumber1 99.9
CASRN1MinPercentage 99.9
CASRN1MaxPercentage 100.0
UN number UN1170
Synonym  Ethyl alcohol 
Recommended storage  Do not store alcohol above 120°F. 


Manufacturer Part Number: 2701TP

Ethanol, 200 proof (100%), Tax-Paid, Decon™ Labs  Plastic Bottle. Ethyl alcohol. Ethanol pure, plastic bottle. Ethanol chemical 

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