MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection System Tubes - 1mL, Green

MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection System Tubes - 1mL, Green
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SKU: 450477
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Suitable for collection, transport, and processing of capillary blood collected by lancet stick
Use with samples from infants, toddlers, children, geriatric patients, and intensive care patients
Tubes feature closure that acts as a valve, allowing appropriate capillary or funnel to be inserted without removing the cap
Fit into a 13 x 75mm carrier tube to facilitate bar code labeling, centrifugation, and storage
Tubes with gel contain an inert barrier on the bottom that moves upward to form a stable barrier between the clot/cells and serum/plasma during centrifugation and transport
All tubes require MiniCollect funnel or capillary collection device (sold separately)


Metric capacity 1mL
Applications Small volume blood collection
Additive Lithium heparin
Color Green
Closure included Yes
Product type Bio-One VACUETTE MiniCollect Capillary Blood Collection Tube


Manufacturer Part Number:450477 

Ideal for small volume blood collection

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