88249 - pMCS minP-Tluc16-DD Hygro Vector for Luciferase Assays, Thermo Scientific - Size : 10 micrograms - Each (10micrograms)

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The Thermo Scientific pMCS minP-Tluc16-DD Hygro Vector is a multiple cloning site (MCS) vector designed to accept a response element sequence lacking promoter activity for study of gene regulation using the intracellular TurboLuc16 (Tluc16) luciferase reporter.Intracellular Tluc16 luciferase gene, optimized for high expression in mammalian systemsOptimized minimal core promoter (minP) and 5' UTR region for efficient expression of Tluc16 luciferaseMultiple cloning sites provide versatility for transfer of regulatory elements from one vector to anotherDual-destabilization (DD) technology reduces accumulation of Tluc16 luciferase mRNA and protein in cells, enhancing the responsiveness of the assaySynthetic polyA terminator and Transcriptional Pause Site (TPS) included upstream of MCS to minimize non-specific transcriptional read-throughHygromycin resistance gene for use as selection marker to generate mammalian stable cell linesTluc16 luciferase is a 16 kDa, novel, intracellular luciferase derived from the marine copedod Metridia luciferase family

The wild-type luciferase has been modified to reduce its size, increase its brightness, and enable its intracellular expression.The pMCS minP-Tluc16-DD Hygro luciferase expression vector also contains dual-destabilization (DD) technology that reduces accumulation of the Tluc16 luciferase mRNA and protein in cells, enhancing the responsiveness of the assay. A synthetic polyA terminator and a Transcriptional Pause Site (TPS) are included upstream of the MCS to minimize non-specific transcriptional read-through. This vector carries the hygromycin resistance gene which can be used as a mammalian selection marker to generate stable cell lines. The Tluc16 luciferase activity can be measured using the

Ordering information: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Store in freezer (-5 to -30˚C).

  • Size : 10 micrograms
  • Supplier No. : 88249
  • Unit : Each (10micrograms)

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