86726 - Chemically Inert HV Standard Manual Valves, Hamilton Company - Hamilton Chemically Inert Valve with 90°Flow Path - Each

86726 - Chemically Inert HV Standard Manual Valves, Hamilton Company - Hamilton Chemically Inert Valve with 90°Flow Path - Each
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Brand: Hamilton Company
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SKU: 86726
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1 Hamilton Company offers the most comprehensive selection of standard and custom syringes, valves and accessories in the industry

Each is manufactured to achieve the highest level of accuracy and precision possible. Hamilton (HV) Plug Valves provide an economical and flexible method of custom-building a fluid flow control system, from a simple on/off valve to a more complex multi-valve arrangement, using a combination of loop and distribution valves. The small valve body with its chemically inert flow path is ideally suited for low pressure applications. All HV Plug Valves allow you to select and interchange a wide variety of fittings, adapters and tubing, including male and female luers, FEP tubing assemblies, and adapters which thread directly into the valve providing an endless variety of valve configurations for any flow application. Hamilton (HV) fittings and adapters are installed finger-tight (10 ounce inches) and provide a leak-tight seal tested to psig.

The HV valve is physically the smallest valve and constitutes a basic unit for the control of fluids. It is ideal for low pressure applications; from a basic on/off flow to a four-way distribution system. They have a threaded path of 1/4-2. Their operator pressure is 0 to psig (0 to 6.9 bar), and their fluid path is PTFE/CTFE. The HVP valve is essentially the same as the HV valve except the HVP can be mounted into panels allowing for custom installation into control panels or instruments.

HVX valves are physically the largest valves. A larger port internal diameter allows increased fluid flows even with moderately viscous fluids. HVX valves can be used free standing or panel-mounted using an optional locking nut. 6- and -port distribution and loop valves are available only in the HVX body style.

Instrument configurations include HV - Hamilton Valve, Small Body; HVP - Hamilton Valve, Panel Mount, Small Body; HVX - Hamilton Valve Standard or Panel Mount, Large Body;

Flow va

  • Description : Hamilton Chemically Inert Valve with 90°Flow Path
  • Model : HV2-2
  • Total Dead Volume : 14 microliters
  • Thread Depth : 5.6 mm (0.219")
  • No. of Ports : 2

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