Cy Amidites, GE Healthcare

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Brand: GE Healthcare - Life Sciences
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SKU: 28-9021-58
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Cy™ fluorescent amidites for incorporation of Cy3, Cy3,5, Cy5, Cy5,5 fluorescent dyes at any position in an oligonucleotide during synthesis. Cy5 Amidite can be used to prepare sequencing primers for use on ALF express. Cy5 and Cy5.5 Amidite can be used for industrial applications such as analytical reagents and research.

  • Linkage of Cy™ dyes allows labeled DNA to hybridize to other DNA
  • DNA synthesis reagent
Ordering Information: Larger pack sizes and custom packaging available upon request.
Note: For customer research use only - not for resale or for manufacturing products intended for sale, or for other commercial applications.


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