illustra TempliPhi Sequence Resolver Kits, GE Healthcare

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For the amplification of difficult templates for successful DNA sequencing in 18 hours.

  • Easy-to-use kit requires only 20 minutes hands-on time: Solve the most common sequencing problems such as repeats, sequencing stops, and compressions with a single kit
  • Cultureless preparation from bacterial colonies, glycerol stock or purified DNA - saves time and reagents
  • Improve difficult template sequencing success with up to 820 bp Phred 20 read length
illustra TempliPhi Sequence Resolver Kit produces exceptional sequencing results from difficult templates, such as those with high GC content and secondary structures and uses the highly processive, strand-displacing Phi29 DNA polymerase and modified nucleotides to amplify circular templates for subsequent sequencing.

The kit resolves most of the sequencing stops or gaps that elude other used finishing methods. It can be used with both small (plasmids and M13) and large (fosmids and bacterial artificial chromosomes [BACs]) circular templates. The starting template for the reaction can be purified DNA, glycerol stock, liquid culture, or colonies. After an overnight incubation at 10°C, it is ready to be used in sequencing applications with the sequencing chemistry of choice. A 10 μL reaction yields 1-2 μg of purified template DNA in a standard overnight reaction.

Ordering Information: Sample buffer (white cap), reaction buffer (blue cap), and enzyme mix (yellow cap). Includes a certificate of analysis.


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