50170 - I.D.NA Agarose - I.D.NA Agarose, Lonza - Each

50170 - I.D.NA Agarose - I.D.NA Agarose, Lonza - Each
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SKU: 50170
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50170 - I.D.NA Agarose - I.D.NA Agarose, Lonza - Each - 00001-60678

Agarose for DNA Identity Testing
-Designed for Identity Testing
-High Strength
-DNase and RNase free
-All Lonza agarose is quality tested to certify performance I.D.NA Agarose is a high gel strength, low electroendosmosis agarose developed for consistent resolution of DNA in DNA identity testing. I.D.NA Agarose is certified under DNA identity testing conditions to exhibit clear DNA banding patterns necessary to discern VNTRs, HVRs, RFLPs, and DNA size standards. This high performance agarose displays high DNA transfer efficiency upon blotting and the lot-to-lot consistency required for DNA profiling tests. I.D.NA Agarose forms easy-to-handle gels that withstand the rigors of DNA identity tests.

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