17-1310-01 - Acrylamide IEF 40% T, 3% C

17-1310-01 - Acrylamide IEF 40% T, 3% C
SKU: 17-1310-01
Brand: GE Healthcare - Life Sciences
Product Code: 0019H-9B8ND
SKU: 17-1310-01
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In addition to the absence of polymerization interfering impurities, Acrylamide IEF is essentially free of charged acrylamide derivatives (< 20 ppm) for very stable pH gradients. PlusOne Acrylamide is available as a powder, a solution, and premixed solutions (ReadySol). Dry powder is the most stable form of acrylamide with a shelf life of more than three years. Solutions of acrylamide are convenient, virtually eliminating the risk of acrylamide dust in the air. ReadySol, a solution of acrylamide and bisacrylamide, is convenient and fast with minimal preparation and handling. ReadySol ensures a reproducible solution composition.

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  • Size : 1 L
  • Supplier No. : 17-1310-01
  • Unit : Each (1,000ml)

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