RGF-125-400 - - LabClear(R) Refillable Inline Gas Filters - Each

RGF-125-400 -  - LabClear(R) Refillable Inline Gas Filters - Each
SKU: RGF-125-400
Product Code: 0019H-HQWOT
SKU: RGF-125-400
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Contains mixture of indicating DRIERITE® desiccant and 13x molecular sieve. Filter body permits refilling with fresh mixture. Made of clear cast acrylic for easy viewing of desiccant color change from blue to pink with moisture absorption. Exhausted filler is easily removed and replaced from premixed refill kit. Tubular inline configuration with nickel-plated brass, threaded, male tube compression fitting on both ends. Used at 125 psi and 100°F. Body diameter: 2". Length: 71/2" (200ml capacity), 14" (400ml capacity).

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  • Supplier No. : RGF-125-400
  • Unit : Each

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