Chromatographic Hydrogen Generators, Airgas

SKU: Y80-DS260
Brand: Airgas
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SKU: Y80-DS260
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These ultra-high-purity generators are ideal for on-site, on-demand sources of hydrogen for flame ionization, flame photometric, and electrolytic conducting gas chromatography detectors. At the heart of every generator is a proprietary SPE Electrolyzer cell. SPE Electrolyzers use a solid polymer electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte, eliminating the need for toxic liquids in the electrolyzing process.

Requiring just over one foot of bench space, these generators can safely and reliably provide up to 1,200 ccm of ultra-high-purity 99.9999% hydrogen. These units comply with UL, CSA, and IEC 1010 regulations. The system has a built in excess flow valve that automatically shuts down in an excess flow situation.

An automatic water monitoring system further assures reliability. If contaminated water or a low water level is detected, the system activates a warning light and shuts off power to the generator, avoiding damage to the electrolytic cell. Maintenance requires simply changing the deionizer bag every six months and the desiccant cartridge whenever necessary.

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